Looking for the
next evolution
in advertising?

Looking for the next
evolution in advertising?

Meet DAV (pronounced "dave"). DAV drives your message straight to your target audience. Your message is mobile, customizable and highly targeted.

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Are you spending money on billboards that people ignore? Are you recording radio ads that people never hear because they change the channel, or they listen to commercial free online services like Spotify and Pandora?

Do you find it difficult to create ads that stand out from your competition's?

RBM can help you overcome these common obstacles in traditional out of home advertising. What makes us so different? DAV and his high-rez LED displays!

How will DAV help you overcome the common obstacles of traditional advertising?



With DAV’s high-rez LED displays, it's nearly impossible for your ad to be blocked, skipped or ignored.



We can drive your message directly to your target audience wherever they work or play.



Our cutting-edge software, RBM VELOCITY, allow us to easily adjust your message as the audience, location and time change.



RBM VELOCITY provides reports of when and where your message is displayed.


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We have tried just about every marketing opportunity out there and many times it feels as though we are increasing our marketing budget but not seeing an increase in return. Runningboards Marketing has gone beyond my expectations. Initially, we were hoping it would increase awareness for our studios in Syracuse and Clay. It has turned into so much more. Our team and members have loved being part of the photoshoots for the ads, members post pictures on social media when they drive by the van and it has allowed us to get in front of a wide range of the community in a short amount of time.

Vanessa Fuleihan

Franchise Owner, Orangetheory

Runningboards Marketing has been great alternative resource to work with and provides a very innovative way to advertise to our marketing base in Jefferson County.  Zach makes changing and differentiating our ads an easy on the go process and he’s always available when we have a question. Watertown Savings Bank is proud to have them as not only a customer but a valuable business partner as well!

John Morgia

Marketing Director, Watertown Savings Bank

We have been extremely pleased with the response we have gotten from our moving billboard advertising. This approach has been more effective in reaching new customers and the feedback has been very positive. This type of digital marketing has elicited more comments from both existing and new customers than any other recent initiatives.  The feedback collected from multiple sources is proving that this exposure has been far better than what we have realized in past advertising campaigns, especially when compared to stationary billboards.

Doug Dier

President, A.T. Matthews & Dier

Runningboards was a perfect marketing partner for the 1000 Islands Charity Poker Run in 2018. They even had a live feed of the race playing on the truck! We look forward for another successful year with them in 2019.

Bobby Cantwell

President, 1000 Islands Charity Poker Run

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