Runningboards Marketing’s Sharp and Advanced Ad Presentation Appreciated by Loyal Customers Such as State Farm Insurance Agent Laura Whitney

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A chance to display many ads at once—and with State Farm-themed music to boot—excites clients such as Laura Whitney.

Cristina Merrill

State Farm insurance agent Laura Whitney is deeply involved in her Upstate New York community, and she’s committed to providing her valued customers with service that is nothing less than 100% professional.

For this reason, Laura is thrilled to work with Runningboards Marketing to help promote her business. She sells auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance and also does claims—all of which she can advertise through Runningboards Marketing.

Runningboards Marketing, which was founded in Watertown, New York in January 2018, uses the digital advertising vehicle DAV®, pronounced “Dave,” which is equipped with digital LED screens to display brand messaging and customizable graphics. DAV drives around specific markets so that targeted audiences will have a chance to see his eye-catching displays, which can do anything from advertising a local business to giving friends and family birthday shoutouts.

Thanks to Runningboards Marketing and DAV, Laura has been able to advertise her Watertown-based business at parades, concerts, festivals, block parties, and more.

Laura’s journey with Runningboards Marketing started in 2018, when one of her employees saw DAV driving around town with an advertisement.

Laura’s employee thought it was the greatest thing, so she ended up following the truck until it stopped at a local furniture store and spoke with the driver and said “I just love the billboard, you need to talk to my boss about this.”

“The next thing you know, Runningboards Marketing Co-Founders Calvin McNeely and Zach Yelle pull up to my office in DAV with my picture on the screen lit up,” Laura said.

As a business, Runningboards Marketing was still in its infancy, having only been in business for about one month. With such a professional look, though, this was clearly a business to watch.

“It was so new for the area, which is why my employee was like ‘What is that?’” Laura said.

Today, Laura is one of the brand’s most loyal and enthusiastic customers.

“Laura was our third client,” McNeely said. “She bought a Diamond package right out of the gate, which is our best subscription, and she quickly dove in and had her ads out at all of the local major events. We’ve done more parades for her than for anybody else.”

Ask Laura what she loves most about Runningboards Marketing and she’ll rave about how impressive her ads look on DAV.

“That’s very important to me,” Laura said. “Whatever I put out there is a representation of myself and my company, so I try to make everything as professional as possible.”

Laura, who has been an insurance agent for over 35 years, has worked with a variety of companies over the years to advertise her business on billboards and attract new team members. There have been many instances in which the result was disappointing. She cited issues that range from misspellings to diluted colors to incorrect sizes. And if that advertisement was made out of vinyl, then crinkles would inevitably show up.

None of these issues have ever come up with Runningboards Marketing and DAV.

“I looked at DAV’s ads and they were amazing,” Laura said. “It just really hit home for me. I wanted to be part of this great company because they represented the people who were displayed there very professionally. DAV can also run the State Farm theme song at the same time as my ads.”

That professional touch has not gone unnoticed by Laura’s customers, who will often take photos with DAV when he’s advertising her business.

“They tell me ‘We see you everywhere!’” she said. “That’s what I want, because who are current and prospective clients going to turn to when they have insurance needs? There’s no way you can run as many ads while walking through a parade as DAV can. I am able to have every single thing we sell at State Farm advertised on DAV, making it possible for me to let prospective customers know what we have to offer.”

Laura praised the Runningboards Marketing team for their warmth and professionalism.

“Without Calvin, Zach, and the whole Runningboards Marketing team, I wouldn’t be able to have the sound quality be so phenomenal or have the ads be so perfect and have so much clarity,” she said. “Partnering with them and using DAV allows me to connect with a crowd in a way I couldn’t do before. That’s very important to me.”

Runningboards Marketing is certainly thrilled to have had Laura’s business all these years.

“It’s fun representing a customer who is so passionate, not to mention engaging,” McNeely said. “She’s out there at all of the events with DAV, who is advertising her business, and we do all the work. Our relationship with Laura is a great example of just how much we value our clients and want to make their lives easier.”

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