Six Reasons Why Prospective Franchisees Should Invest in Runningboards Marketing

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Runningboards Marketing (RBM) was founded in Watertown, New York in January 2018 and has since become a big hit. Using the digital advertising vehicle DAV® (pronounced “Dave”), a vehicle equipped with Independent digital LED screens to display brand messaging and customizable images, RBM offers contemporary marketing with an old-school twist. DAV drives around specified markets so that targeted audiences have an opportunity to see DAV’s eye-catching displays, which can display anything from a local business advertisement to a political campaign message or personalized announcements.

Runningboards Marketing has the necessary plans in place to achieve exceptional growth momentum in 2020, welcoming its first two franchisees in May. The digital mobile advertising brand is on course to become a standout in the industry thanks to its multiple points of differentiation. These include a simple business model, a quick start-up timeline, low franchise fee, opportunities for scalability and an all-around fun business operation. These factors have all contributed to Runningboards Marketing’s ability to help its clients reach a much larger, targeted audience in ways it’s clients otherwise couldn’t have.

Below are six reasons why those looking to invest in a mobile franchise business that’s fun and successful should consider Runningboards Marketing:

1. A simple business model

The Runningboards Marketing business model was designed with simplicity in mind. RBM sells subscription-based advertising for businesses and special events to help reach a specific, targeted audience. According to General Manager Chris Mooney, RBM’s business model can be broken down as follows: “Show DAV. Book DAV. Drive DAV. The sales process is simple and built around people seeing DAV and how he works. Then it’s just a matter of closing the deal and driving their message to where the people are.”

What’s more, each DAV is equipped with RBM’s proprietary software, “RBM Velocity,” which means franchisees don’t need to be a “tech whiz” to use the technology. RBM Velocity allows for franchisees to auto-manage the entire RBM business—digital ads are sent to DAV and the subscription model schedule allows for franchisees to easily keep track of what’s being displayed and when. Along with many other capabilities, RBM’s technology allows for easy setup and implementation for all franchisees.

2. Allows for quick start-up

Because of the simplicity of the business model, RBM franchisees can expect a timeline of around six weeks to get their business up and running. There is no need for owners to have a brick-and-mortar office outside of their home, meaning no expensive real estate buildout or leasing is required. Additionally, RBM has DAVs ready and waiting to go for franchisees to begin their digital mobile advertising journey.

3. A low-cost franchise

RBM is a low-cost franchise concept: Start-up costs range from $75,000 to $255,000. The digital mobile advertising brand accommodates a variety of investor models, from active owner-operators to semi-absentee candidates with $50,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $150,000. According to Mooney, RBM also features low operating costs for owners. “Besides paying for and maintaining DAV, franchisees only need a handful of employees, a salesperson—unless they do the sales themselves—and a couple of drivers,” he said.

4. A concept that encourages scalability

Thanks to Runningboards Marketing being a mobile-based concept with a simple business model, it’s easy for franchisees to scale their business and add territories. RBM bases franchise territories on population and requires a minimum of 125,000 people in a given territory. Each territory can support a minimum of two DAVs. Currently, the brand is touring with DAV looking for new franchisees. As it grows, RMB will be taking DAV to more local and national markets to actively advertise itself—focusing heavily on a nationwide franchise strategy.

5. A mobile franchise model

Many businesses’ success hinges on finding the right place at the right time: Location is one factor that can really make or break a venture. Because RBM is a mobile franchise, it literally takes the business to where the people are (thanks to DAV), so no matter the territory, each franchisee’s “location” is always prime.

6. An all-around fun business

And last, but certainly not least, the Runningboards Marketing business as a whole is just fun. The brand was built on a foundation of connecting the right people to the right message at the right time—and having fun while doing it. “RBM has a great image in the community for being creative and fun — and not only with our advertising, but also in how we help the community through sponsoring nonprofit and other events,” Mooney said. “It’s just frickin’ fun! We work hard and we have fun doing it.”

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