Who is “Dave” and what does he do?

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By now, you’ve probably heard people talking about “Dave.” How he’s helped out with this and that, and they see him all the time…yet, you’re probably wondering who “Dave” actually is?

It’s our mission to help successful businesses grow. However, times are changing, and traditional advertising isn’t always going to work. So we needed a new and unique way to help clients grasp the attention of their target audience.

Have you seen a truck driving around your area featuring bright screens on the sides and rear? Well, meet DAV® (pronounced dave)! DAV is a digital mobile billboard truck that uses three independent, high-resolution LED screens to drive your message to where the people are.

What Does DAV Do?

As previously stated, DAV is a digital mobile billboard truck. He serves a similar purpose as a billboard, but instead of being stuck in one location, he’s mobile. Every morning, he sets out on a pre-planned route designed to give clients the highest possible exposure. So when we say that “we drive your message to where the people are,” we mean it!

However, there’s more than just being mobile. Another advantage is that you can run multiple messages per customer. You don’t have to wait for new vinyl to be printed, which means your message can be instantly updated or added to the rotation!

Most businesses are struggling to stand out. They think they have to do what their competition is doing to compete. DAV has helped numerous businesses grow their brand awareness beyond what it once was. By using DAV, your business can reach more customers and get ahead of the competition!

But That’s Not All!

Although mostly occupied by client advertisements, DAV can handle almost anything. Want to play the newest hit video game with your friends? Did your favorite movie just come out? Hook up to any of DAV’s three inputs and have at it!

Each screen works independently and can use up to three different inputs, meaning you can display a different image on each screen. So hook up your console on one side while playing a slideshow on the other. But you’re not just limited to those. Use DAV as a directory, a scoreboard for a sporting event, or even to live stream the big game.

Want to kick your special moment up a notch…way up a notch? A video, slideshow, or a custom message on DAV will literally brighten your special day in a way no one could forget.

Whatever it may be, DAV’s effective!

RBM Manufacturing builds our DAVs at our facility here in Watertown, and the birth of one is a long and time-consuming project. To learn how DAV’s born, read our article, “What does it take to build DAV, our Digital Advertising Vehicle?”

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