About Us

The beginning

Founded in January 2018 by Richard C. (Calvin) McNeely III & Zachariah (Zach) Yelle, Runningboards® Marketing (RBM) emerged from the development of a marketing plan for a restaurant in Northern NY.

While researching various strategies for the restaurant, Calvin stumbled upon an LED truck, which became the inspiration for DAV® (pronounced “dave”), RBM’s digital mobile billboard. Built on a Ford Transit chassis, DAV has three independent, high-resolution LED screens.

Calvin and Zach received their first DAV on April 10th, 2018, and the trio hit the ground running. After a month of driving around, creating interest, awareness, and support of the local community, they brought on a full-time driver along with part-time drivers and support staff.

RBM Velocity

It didn’t take long for the team to realize that DAV needed an upgrade. Ads weren’t being displayed efficiently, and clients began wanting reports. Thus, leading to the development of “RBM Velocity,” a cutting-edge software that takes RBM to a whole new level! RBM Velocity allows the team to update client ads from anywhere, push ad schedules to DAV based on how many spots each client needs for the month, and automatically logs what ads play and when.

The team decided to own their software in order to continue developing it as new needs arise. Some features currently in development are geofencing, tracking where ads play, and tracking how many vehicles/people go by DAV.


2019 was a big year for RBM. The team had expanded to eleven while their fleet grew due to the ability to manufacture DAVs in-house at RBM Headquarters, located in Watertown, NY.

While the business was rapidly growing due to the Watertown, NY and Syracuse, NY locations thriving, they realized that the business model could easily be replicated and took the required steps to offer RBM as a franchise opportunity. Now, the Runningboards Marketing franchise is available nationwide!

Despite 2020 being a rough year for many businesses, it was no match for DAV and RBM. The team only continued to grow with the addition of the first 6 franchise locations, with the first 2 (Marlborough, MA, and Paducah, KY) coming in the midst of a worldwide pandemic! But it won’t stop there.
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